Here is a list of some of the hotel options in the area and how far they are from where the wedding will be held. Availability shown as of 2/12/21. These are just suggestions, so if you find another place to stay that is great!
Name Distance Price Availability
AirBnb Many options in the area Many options in the area
Equinox 0.25 miles ~$435/night Many
Inn at Ormsby Hill 2 miles ~$330/night 7 of 10 rooms
Manchester View 3 miles ~$200/night 14 rooms
Northshire Lodge 4 miles ~$180/night 13 rooms
Dorset Inn 7 miles ~$305-$500/night 13 rooms
Barrows House 7 miles ~$265-$435/night 22 rooms
The Arcady 6 miles ~$140/night 10 rooms
Hampton Inn 0.5 miles Currently no availability but you can continue to check.
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